National Clinical Research Society

The National Clinical Research Society is dedicated to fighting cancer and finding a natural cure!

Our mission is to raise funds to make Asimina Triloba (aka Paw Paw), a pain-free cancer treatment, available to everyone diagnosed with the deadly disease. 

Our research emphasizes using alternative approaches and natural, yet highly effective medicine. 

Our vision is to develop The Cancer Medicine, a completely harmless treatment with zero side effects. Your generous gift will help us:

Conduct Groundbreaking Research

The research has already begun. To further the work, we need to conduct preclinical safety and formulation studies. With your help we can evaluate the compound in carefully designed clinical trials. 

Eliminate Adverse Side Effects

The challenge of chemotherapy has been to minimize the overlap between killing cancer cells and the adverse effects of the toxins to the patient. Asimina Triloba is designed to have no harmful effects. 

Go Beyond Supplements 

An extract of Asimina Triloba has been marketed as a dietary supplement for more than 15 years. While it has been successful, it’s time to get Asimina Triloba to be FDA approved as a cancer medicine!

Initially subjects were all stage 4 [cancer patients]. We gave them Asimina Triloba, ("Paw Paw"). Over a period of six months to a year, we saw remarkable stabilization of the health of 13 patients [all stage 4 cancer and all 13 became 100% cancer free]. I think we can say Asimina Triloba, ("Paw Paw") is safe to use. 

- Dr. Jerry McLaughlin 

Check out our latest PSA

As the incidence of cancer increases, it seems that there is a corresponding increase of interest in alternative methods as a course of treatment. One of these treatments that seems to be growing in popularity is that of paw paw (pawpaw). Watch this video to find out what Dr. Jerry McLaughlin has to say about what kind of cancer has paw paw been used effectively.